It was one year ago, October 17, 2005, that we went to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center for a 'routine' visit. On that day Jannette was diagnosed with severe hydrocephaly caused by a return of the brain lesion first identified in March. Since that time, with the help of God, our family, and many friends, Jannette has done remarkably well as evidenced by the pictures below.

Although she is not yet driving, Jannette is working again with Parents as Teachers as a part-time Educator. She also does volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Club. As of September, she is free of all lesions, blood clots, etc. She still takes a shot once a day to prevent recurrence of the blood clots, but that is the only real medication she is on.

Since those of you in and around Weimar have almost certainly visited with Jannette, this information is not new. Those of you who have not had a chance to visit with Jannette can see by this report that we do have much for which to be thankful.

Once again, thank ALL of you for the many kindnesses you have shown us in this most eventful year. 

Taken December, 2005

Taken September, 2006

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